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Jesper Franzen

Jesper Franzen Asked 4 years ago

I saw the "Breaking Longstanding Bad Footwork Habits" and was wondering about something.

What would be the difference in a practice routine if I would move faster over a shorter distance, like Jeff is doing, compared to move little slower over a greater distance, like the Swedish routine Falkenberg?

Are they equally important in the daily training routine? Moving over a greater distance is of course harder so maybe I could just focus on this? Furthermore, if I want more stamina in a TTmatch do I need to practice table tennis stuff or can I just go out and run or hop on the crosstrainer?

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Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 years ago

Hi Jesper,

The faster shorter movements is more relevant to a game situation.  In a match you will find that you need to make the faster shorter movements more often than the longer slower movements.

It is good initially to practice the longer movements because it is easier to learn the movement pattern of the legs but as you improve and play more games then the shorter jumping movement is what is required.

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Jesper Franzen

Jesper Franzen Posted 4 years ago

Thanks! Very logical.

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