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D K Asked 4 years ago

Hi PingSkills Team

Today I have trained lobbing,and I realised that 70% of my lobs fall next to the table.

And also-when I tried to lob with my long pips,the lob was high,but it was falling on MY backline instead the one of my opponent despite I was going in it with my full power.

So...Can you..somehow explain WHERE is my mistake?

Or should I avoid longpips lobbing?



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 years ago

Hi DK,

You should try to lob with the normal rubber and chop with the long pips.  the long pips can’t generate the topspin that is required to make a lob effective.

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D K Posted 4 years ago

I know they cannot generate a lot of spin (but still some),but the key is that I cannot get it on the table
Backhands land too close to me and forehands land at the table sides :(
How can I solve this?

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