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georges skurtis

georges skurtis Asked 7 years ago

Hi Alois and Jeff,

I guess this is not a question per say. As you watch table tennis videos and matches for inspiration as well as technique and tips, you're bound to get to like one player in particular. For me it's Kenta Matsudaira. When I think to myself: who is it that you'd want to to strive to play like, he's so far the player I enjoy the most. His serve and sidespin block have been discussed here at pingskills already. I think he's really a wonderful blocker, able to defend against strong attackers such as Xu Xin, while remaining close to the table. He does it superbly, IMHO. It's a shame he's stuck at around rank#25 these days... What do you think is lacking for him to make it to the very top?

So my question is, as a new player, what can I do to emulate this style of play. Are there any other components in Matsudaira's style that are specific to him and that would be worth duplicating? So far, I've picked on mainly blocking (both BH and FH) with a rather straight up and down bat), able to place the ball deep and to the corner so as to outplace his opponent. Of course the tomahawk serve.

A player's style analysis could be an interesting addition to your website: pick one player and discuss his strength/weaknesses, particular stroke or style, etc...

Anyways, just thought I'd drop a line and share my thought process. I think it's great to find a player you can watch and try to duplicate the technique of, it's a great source of motivation to keep training.

So, pingskills members, what about you? Who is it you'd like to imitate or get to understand his/her technique more?

All the best,



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Georges,

Interesting observations.  I think you have picked the things that make Kenta so special.  I think it may just be a matter of a little more consistency for him to make it to a higher level.  It is difficult to be consistently brilliant with some of the shots that he plays.

We are wanting to do a player profile on different players so this would be an additional aspect we can look at.

It will be good to hear other’s thoughts.

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mohammed ayache

mohammed ayache Posted 7 years ago

awesome idea

Dieter Verhofstadt

Dieter Verhofstadt Posted 7 years ago

I want to imitate Ma Long but probably should imitate Samsonov.

The idea of focussing on a particular player and how to emulate his playing style is a great idea for PS vids.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 7 years ago

This morning we featured Mima Ito on the Ask the Coach Show. Tried to talk about her style and strengths and weaknesses.  Let me know what you think. Ask The Coach Show #105 - Player of the Week

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