Incomplete and rushed topspin strokes

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Mark Kopins

Mark Kopins Asked 3 weeks ago

I have studied your videos on how to do topspin strokes, but I find in actual play I get flustered and don't follow through adequately. Part of the problem seems to be that it takes too long to determine whether I'm going to have to respond with a forehand or backhand. By the time a figure this out, my returning strokes are rather incomplete and not in good form. I've tried to change my mindset to move quicker and perhaps stand further from the table to give me more time to respond, and that has helped a little. Would appreciate your advice.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Mark,

This is often due to not being able to track the ball effectively rather than the stroke.

Take a look at this tutorial on Improving Your Reflexes which will give you some ideas on how to help this situation.


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