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thomas mcnamara

thomas mcnamara Asked 2 years ago

So, I just found out a major reason for my lousy play-I was crowding the table during a rally. No wonder I couldn't hit topspin. Moving back, my game improved some, but the top is  still too rudimentary. My forehand topspin is mostly spinny and slow, and backhand is worse. I like to hold the bat loosely with the index not parallel with the base of the bat but at a slight angle and I tighten the grip at contact. Do you think it's necessary to change to a traditional grip that isn't comfortable but probably will lead to more consistency, and what mental or physical changes do you think I need to go for my topspin  more so it becomes a weapon? I am trying to incorporate more body weight but it's clear I'm playing it safe and mostly arming it. Thanks.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 years ago

Hi Thomas,

I think often the issue is tension in the arm and shoulder during the swing.  Focus on how relaxed the shoulder joint is and see if you can swing through freely.  Then allow the bat to swing through faster.  Don't worry about the result of where the ball is going but just think about how fast you can allow your bat to move through the stroke while keeping as little tension as possible in the shoulder area.

As a Premium member you can send me a video of you doing the stroke so that I can give you some direct feedback as well.

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