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Ali Zarei

Ali Zarei Asked 9 years ago

HI ALOIS AND JEFF,how are things with you?

My exams are finishing and summer is starting.That means I have a lot of time to practice.

I go to a club 6 days a week and I practice about 2 hours each day at home with my dad.

I also practice serving a lot.

I wanted to get a private coach but that was just too expensive.

My progress is good  but I want to get the most from it.There are still a few guys better than me...

what are some tips for me?

I also don't have a good footwork and want to improve it.Any tips???


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Ali,

The main thing is to think about what you are wanting to work on.  You have mentioned footwork as one thing.  Do a lot of footwork drills during your training sessions.

Make each training session worthwhile with a clear focus of what you are wanting to work on.

You can look at our Training Plan which has 52 weeks of training sessions that you can use.  You can access this through our Premium membership.  This is much cheaper than a private coach so may be worthwhile for you as well.

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