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Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar Asked 11 years ago


I have a strange problem which Is really bad for Ping Pong.

I myself know that I am doing this mistake, but even I focus I am losing the concentration.


I am not seeing the ball thoroughly during the match

When I see the opponent playing the ball, and after it pitches on my table, I start looking on the opponent table where I want the ball to go.

Because of this mistake, i either miss the ball completely without making contact, else the ball touches the edges of the bat.

How do I improve this, what can I do to work on this ?

Help me!!!



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Arun,

This is both simple and difficult.

Simple in the fact that you now only have to focus on one thing and doing it well and that is watching the ball.  This is so very, very critical to being able to play good Table Tennis.  With this skill you can change a lot about your game.

In training sometimes just train and think about watching the ball.  This means watching it from the time it is in your hand to start the serve or your opponents hand right until it hits the floor or net.  Work hard at this.  You will find initially it is difficult and even a bit disorientating to do but you need to persevere with it and keep trying it.  The difficult part is spending time doing this.  Because it is so simple to practice it is often neglected.

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