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Henry Yam

Henry Yam Asked 10 years ago

What aspects of the game would you teach to a new player and what order?

What skills are more important to learn before others. 

(Just in case the answer of "all aspects/skills of the game are equally important" pops up in your head(s), what skills can you survive with before other skills which just improve your game? Ex (hypothetical): I believe counter-looping/looping + service returns should be taught/developed before actual service because any seasoned player will be good at reading spin and would probably return the serve and force you into a looping game.)

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Henry,

There is no hard and fast rules here but this is roughly what I would do.

Start with some basic control, being able to hit the ball on the table consistently.  Then move to the counterhit strokes. Follow this up with push strokes and then topspin strokes.

If you are looking at developing a player long tern I would focus a lot on these strokes first.  It may not be a quick fix for winning games but it will lead to a better game development.

I think things like spin and receiving serve will come later.

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Henry Yam

Henry Yam Posted 10 years ago


How about a player who's fairly decent at those skills that you've just mentioned?

What should be developed after those?


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