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Chee Koo

Chee Koo Asked 12 years ago

Coach,you know I"m just a 10 year old kid,I only know how to serve a pendulum serve that is easy to block.Can u teach me how to serve a pendulum serve that is hard to block,because I have a challenge next week with all the 10 year old students.

Do u know how to block a smash because my friend Gerald is a shake hand guy and he always smash me.Can u tell me how to block a smash. 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 12 years ago

Hi Chee,

I like your enthusiasm.

You need to be patient with this game. The only way to improve your pendulum serve is to get out on the table and do it repetitively.  YOu can work on getting a better contact on the ball.  So you need to just touch the ball on contact.  Then work on getting this action really fast while still keeping that same contact on the ball.  his way you will start to generate more spin.

The secret to blocking a smash is to not allow them to smash in the first place.  Work on Keeping The Ball Low.

If the ball does go up high you are better off to move backwards and allow yourself more time to see the smash.  Then you can play a Lob stroke. 

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Chee Koo

Chee Koo Posted 12 years ago


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