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Jeremy Wu

Jeremy Wu Asked 3 months ago

Hi Coaches,

I am a hand-shake style player, while playing I often saw balls that bounced sideways on my side of the table hence it is hard to predict its trajectory, so my questions:

1.  What are the signs of action from my opponents to alert me that the returned ball may bounce sideways.

2.  How do I practice to create that type of return?



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 months ago

Hi Jeremy,

The first thing to watch is the contact of their bat on the ball.

If they swing across the ball then the ball is likely to have sidespin on the ball.

The next thing to watch is if the ball curves int eh air at all.  This is difficult to see when you first start but as you gain experience you will start to see this curve.

To generate sidespin on the ball you need to brush across the back of the ball or forward on the side of the ball.

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Have fun with this exciting part of the game.



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