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Johan Hartwigsen

Johan Hartwigsen Asked 8 years ago


I played against a number of guys just for fun and I find myself besting them in the rallys but as soon as we start playing a match I cannot return their side spin short serve and then I find myself doing things I would not normaly do.  If I had time to workout how to return it, it could help but in a match you dont have that luxury. How do you return a side spin serve? What can I do to adapt quicker to different serves?

Thanks for being available to ask questions to you guys. 

Kind regards

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Johan,

The ability to read and return serves comes from a lot of experience.  The best way to get this is to find as many different players as you can and return serves against them.  It becomes automatic as it needs to in a match situation.  You just never have time to analyse serves and return them.

As long as you understand the basic principles then you will get faster.  We explain the principles in our Receiving Secrets lessons.

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