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Andy Unknown

Andy Unknown Asked 14 years ago


I have been struggling nowadys to return the very fast side spin serve @ my forehand. I am left handed and opponent is right handed player.

So whenver I try to return it through chop/push, it bounces high enough in opponent's side and he smashes it very badly.

I am trying new things to return it but still not able figure it out.

Kindly help me, what should I do?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 14 years ago

Hi Andy,

Being a left hander I know where you are coming from. This can be a very awkward serve to return because it is curling away from you. 

Some tips are to brush the ball on contact a little more.  This will help to keep the ball lower.  Have a look at the lesson on the forehand push on our lessons page.  This will help with the mechanics of how to do the push correctly.

As an exercise when you are practicing your return, pick out a spot on the opponents side of the table about 30cm from the net and aim to push the ball directly onto that spot so that it skids off.  This will definitely help you.  It will take a bit of adjustting but it will work.

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