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alberto behrens

alberto behrens Asked 9 years ago

Hello Coach I am a looper that is having  a bit of trouble vs short pips.  When short pips player serves with a topspin motion should you assume the ball is coming with backspin or no spin ? In General how do you play a short pip player when you use inverted pips on both sides.  During play I seem to send some loops long, should i push more ?  Thanks Coach


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Alberto,

Playing against a short pips player can be tricky.  The best thing is to play with a lot of spin, either backspin or topspin.

You can generate spin with short pimples.  If they serve with a topspin motion it will still have a bit of topspin but not as much as with inverted rubber.

When you topspin to the short pips and they block it back it will come back quite flat.  If you wanted to topspin that next ball you need to lift it more.

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