how to play chops in penhold grip?

Table Tennis Strokes and Technique

Last updated 9 years ago

Akshay Suroshe

Akshay Suroshe Asked 9 years ago

Hi Friends,

i am Akshay and from last year i was playing the tt with shakehand grip but i didn't like it so I decided to play with penhold grip. As per your video of penhold techniques i learned all the techniques, thanks for that, but chop is my weakest point so please help me.

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 9 years ago

Hi Akshay,

The chop is not a strength of the penhold grip. You don't really see any choppers using the penhold grip. The backhand is especially bad for chopping. You would only use this if you are really out of position and forced back from the table. It's not really a stroke I would bother practicing with this grip. 

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