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Tommy McQuillan Unknown

Tommy McQuillan Unknown Asked 13 years ago

After a break of 20 years, I started playing again 4 years ago.  How the game has changed. Coached by the Leinster branch ITTA.,in the mid fifties. Played representative t/t for the RAF from 1961-1968. Have now reached a standard at 71 years where I am playing league and vets tournaments in Spain. However, I have great difficulty dealing with opponents who play with long pips and as a consequence I am losing games that I am very capable of winning. I am naturally an attacking player,I can defend and push. I use Yasaka mark V rubber on both sides. Hoping you can help ?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 13 years ago

Hi Tommy,

Welcome back to the game.  There are many people out there that come back to table tennis after a break.  You would have definitely seen many changes.

The basic principle of long pimples is that it reverses the spin you put on the ball.  If you push the ball with backspin, it will come back with a little topspin and conversely, if you topspin the ball it will come back with a little backspin. The more spin you put the more you get back.

One way to play it is to hit the ball quite flat so that you don't get much spin back.

Another way if you are an attacking player is to push or serve the ball with plenty of backspin and wait for the topspin reply which you can then attack.

If you play with sidespin the reply you get can be difficult.  Try to avoid playing with sidespin to start with. Play with straight backspin or topspin or no spin.

Also think that you can dictate what type of spin you are getting back so they are a little at your mercy.

Of course, there are some long pimple players that can make it less simple for you, but give these things a try.

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