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Anik Chaturbedi

Anik Chaturbedi Asked 8 years ago

1.Sir our team would have to play against a team with top 2 players playing with anti spin & pimpler rubber on their backhand.They can hit forehand topspins and blocks well enough in backhand.How to defeat them?Which services to do?Where to hit and with what kind of shots?

2.And how to block high spin forehand loops in backhand? 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Anik,

When playing against ling pimple or anti-spin rubber you should try to hit less spin to them to start with.  They can't generate much spin themselves from those rubbers.

A common tactic is to push the ball to the backhand and then attack the next ball.  You can continue to alternate between a push and attack strokes as the rubber will 'reverse' the spin.

I like to do a simple backspin serve to the backhand because this sets me up for an attacking shot on the next ball.

To block high spin topspins you need to have a relaxed hand to absorb some of the spin.  You can also make a 'Punch' shot or a counter topspin.  Take a look at the lesson we have on this topic in our free lessons called,  Counter A Spinny Topspin.  This will show you the three options in video form.

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Anik Chaturbedi

Anik Chaturbedi Posted 8 years ago

Thank you,sir.

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