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Abinandh Jain

Abinandh Jain Asked 5 years ago

Hi Alois & PingSkills

I have been playing TT for nearly 8 yrs though irregularly. Over these years I am playing with  pre-made racquets especially GKI Kung-fu for quite a long time. I would rate myself as Semi-Pro in Table tennis though it might be wrong from experts view.

Let me tell whatever I am capable of doing in the game.


1) Good in Forehand & Backhand Top-Spin but couldn't give my 100% in match situations. However on several occasions I've noticed that I am imparting decent side-spin+top-spin instead of top-spin alone.

2) Decent footwork, learning from a very good player in my Office.

3) Good Backhand & Decent forehand (slice+chop) stroke, but carelessness in many occasions leading to dropping of points.

4) Mediocre in defending on my Back hand side especially in Chopping & Lobbing. However could do the same decently on my Forehand side. 

5) Poor in Service return (push stroke) especially those mixed spin serves & floating serves(fast but less spin).

Playing Style:-

1) Aggressive mindset player who don't mind to defend. Kind of All round Play.

2) My inspiration is Roger Federer, hence i want to finish the point as soon as possible by keeping the rallies short.

Note:- Kindly suggest me so that I can improve my Skills & Game Play in Table Tennis. Actually this is not a question but presenting about myself in the game of Table tennis so that you can guide me in choosing a proper blade & rubbers for my 1st Custom Made Racquet!! 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Abinandh,

It may be good to get a custom bat now with something like Mark V on it.  Probably a 2mm sponge on both sides.
We have the PingSkills Touch with Mark V which would suit.

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