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yong chen

yong chen Asked 13 years ago

Hi I am mingyong from singapore.i am a serious recreational player who seeks to improve much more,now i am under a good coach but i only train with him an hour a week and i think this is not enough.  And i also am not sure what rubber to change to my forehand.

Basically my footwork is really really bad, basic counterhit is all right but i am very bad at looping can't seem to get any spin on the loop and in match i often have lots of errors.  Now i am playing both side inverted but i duno which inverted rubber should i change to my forehand.

My serves have decent backspin but i cant serve sidetopspin well any advice?

I wish to suscribe to your videos but i duno how as i from singapore.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 13 years ago

Hi Mingyong,

Lots of things to think about but tackle one at a time.

Work on your footwork now.  Do lots of training footwork drills.  From basics like two position forehand footwork and one backhand and one forehand footwork.  Work on keeping your knees bent and staying down low. PingSkills have filmed a basic balance and footwork lesson in our last filming session.  This will be up on our website soon so watch out for it.

As far as what rubber to use, don't use anything too fast.  Go for a control rubber when you are working on things like footwork and learning looping.  Remember the emphasis is not on equipment but on training well to improve your strokes and footwork.

If you are looking at improving your serves look no further than the Serving Secrets Revealed DVD. This will give you all the information you need to improve your serves.

To subscribe to the Youtube lessons, click on the following link and then hit the yellow subscribe button. PingSkills Online Lessons .

If you would like to purchase the PingSkills Video Lessons, you can also do that through our Online Store.

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