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Gabriel Pino

Gabriel Pino Asked 5 years ago

I am an amateur player working my way up and usually i get players who cant rally very well but thier serves give me trouble. For example there is a serve with heavy side spin from my left to right, when i attempt to forehand smash due to the height of it either goes off the back of the table or far left. When im aggressive i lose the point and when i play defensive and safe i set them up for a smash. Can you help me with where to stand on both types of rotations and what stroke to use?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Gabriel,

The best option on the return o this serve would be a topspin rather than a smash.  The topspin will help the ball dip onto your opponent's side.  A smash is a much more risky stroke.

Stand near the centre of the table but importantly watch the flight of the ball. The curve can be deceptive.  Allow for the slight change in position.

On contact brush the ball heavily to get more topspin and to help to negate the spin that is already on the ball.

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