how to counter atack a serve with backspin

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Jose Pinto

Jose Pinto Asked 9 years ago

Hello Alois, first congratulations for your master classes it have helped me a lot in improving my game level,

I consider my self an intermediate advance player, the only thing is that there is one opponent I can not defeat, first, he is a defensive chopper, and he always serve with backspin, and sidespin, short and long, most of the time to my backhand side,  so if I push the ball, he attacks with a smash, or slow sppiny second, if I push the ball short, he reverts to me with a short push, and then I hit the net and lost the point, Third, If I attack him, with a forehand topspin or backhand topspin, 80% of the time it always gone out of the table,

Please give me an advise  to counter attack him when he is serving, and playing with a lot of backhand and forehand push, so I can defeat this player and may be I will be able to win the tournament that is about to begin.



p.s, Keep up the excellent work, greeting to jeff plumb and alois.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Jose,

We are really glad that you are enjoying the Master Classes.  We think that they should be a real benefit to players.

It sounds like this player might be quite good.

You need to remember that he is not the World Champion though, so it is a matter of finding something that you can do that is difficult for him.  Watch other players play against him and see what they are doing to win points.

When you are pushing to him make sure you are keeping the ball low so that it is difficult to attack.  Also work on your placement of the push.  If you push to his backhand and he pushes back, then work on keeping the ball there with some variation of spin.  He will only be able to attack you if you put the ball up higher.

Keep him close to the table and then attack strongly as you can.  This will be more effective. 

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