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Esteban Mendez

Esteban Mendez Asked 9 years ago

I've been practicing a bunch but I'm reaching a point where I can no longer improve. I know there are still many things for me to learn but I'm getting to the point where practicing is no longer helping me get better. I enjoy playing the game but I can't improve anymore. Should I start facing vastly superior players so I can improve?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Esteban,

You will often feel like this but in fact there is still improvement happening.  If someone only sees you once a month or more they will notice the difference.  It may be difficult for you to see it because you are judging yourself every day.

In these times it is important just to keep your head down and train.

If you are feeling bored with training, then you can change your training routine a bit.

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Vijay Madge

Vijay Madge Posted 9 years ago

Such a feeling is not uncommon but remember, friend, it is a passing phase. Some of our fellow players also add to our dispair by saying"oh, one cannot improve beyond a certain point". Maybe there is some truth in it but the main question is what's that point? How does one fix that point? So, as Alois says, when one is tormented by such thoughts, it is good to concentrate on one's training and meaningful, well-directed practice. By doing that I at 65 can do pendulum serves reasonably well which were unheard of in our times and which I am determined to master. I am not being self-congratulatory but look at a player like Brian Berry; he learned the game at 18 and now over 50 is still getting better and better. So, dear Esteban, absent thee from such negative ideas and focus on practice. Sky is the limit when one wants to improve. Good luck to you!  

Esteban Mendez

Esteban Mendez Posted 9 years ago

thanks alois and thanks Vijay for your thoughts. It's difficult enough to do this by myself but your support is all I needed to keep thinking positively.

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