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Grenville Pereira

Grenville Pereira Asked 9 years ago

Hi Alois

I once hit the pole of the net and the ball came back into the opponents court . I have seen this happen only once. Does the point go to me ?

Also when hitting say a shot away from the table from the side and it strikes the side of the table. Do i get the point in case ball touches or slightly brushes the top of the table where the white line ends ?




Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Grenville,

Regarding your first question the point would go to you if your opponent doesn't return the shot.  Net and net post are considered all part of the net assembly for the rules.

For your second question the rules states that the ball has to hit some part of the top of the table.  If you hit the ball from inside the sidelines of the table and it touches the table it will be in.  the only problem comes when the ball is hit from outside the sidelines.  It becomes a matter of experience.  Some players can tell by the sound of the ball when it touches.  The side makes a duller sound and the edge a sharper sound.  Sometimes it is talked about whether the ball goes up or down after hitting the table.  This is a dodgy criteria because it depends on from what height the ball is hit and also whether it has topspin or not.

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