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dan Asked 9 years ago


I play table tennis quite a lot and I am very tall (5ft 7in).

And I am only 12! My estimated height is 6ft 7in-6ft 6in. Can I carry on playing table tennis at this height? It will also be a strain on my knees as I have Osgood schlatters diesese in my knee


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Dan,

Firstly take care of the Osgood Schlatters.  that is very important.  There is plenty of time to play Table Tennis.

Being 6ft 7in it is very possible to reach a high level of the game.  Wang Liqin is 6ft 4in and Zoran Kalinic is 6ft 5in.  They reached the top level in the world.

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dan Posted 9 years ago

Thank you

shashank kumar

shashank kumar Posted 9 years ago

keep it up buddy,,,


ganesh burra

ganesh burra Posted 8 years ago

Hi Alois,

               My feeling is that shorter players have their own advantage, like they don't need to bend much, but on the other side they do have disadvantage like reaching wide to balls as their stance would be small. Overall I feel that a player with short stature(above table height in their normal stance) and long hands (width covering table sideways) can perform better, am I right here?



Jana K

Jana K Posted 8 years ago

I'd say being average height is best for table tennis. Being only 5' (152cm) I definitely have a hard time reaching some balls, not only wide but also very short ones. Sometimes I can only reach balls very close to the net only by running around the table. I also have to move more because my legs are so short. Of course, there are advantages as well, that's why I think being about average is ideal (and it seems to me that most pro players are in this range)

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