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Ryan Bhattacharya

Ryan Bhattacharya Asked 2 years ago

What should I do if I have a tendency of hitting or will to hit every ball using my Backhand? A lot of Player in my club say that my forehand is good but I don't use it unless I am too far from using my backhand. But I move a lot to reach on top of the ball and hit using Backhand.  As a result, I much more confident on Backhand shots using power and control while defending is reserved for Forehand. Should I change as I practice every drill that you mentioned on the website dutifully.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 years ago

Hi Ryan,

First in training get your training partner to hit the ball anywhere on the table slowly.  You try to make forehands whenever the ball goes to the forehand half of the table.  The rally stops if you hit a backhand from the forehand half.

Then see how many hits you can do in a row with this.  This will allow you to start to make better decisions on when to play a forehand and when to play a backhand.

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