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Anton Tamminen

Anton Tamminen Asked 11 years ago

I just have to say thanks. I was in tournament yesterday, and I didn´t lose even one round, because I have learned so much from you in so short period of time =)

Remember make new free lessons, new DVDs, and come to Finland some day. (dreaming... :D) 

So, keep up the good work.

Regards, Anton. 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Anton,

Well done.  It is great to hear about your result.  It certainly does feel nice to go through a tournament undefeated.

Let me know more about your tournament.

We love hearing from our PingSkills friends about things that they are doing. 

It is really nice of you to compliment us.  We do know though that it is the player that is the most important factor. 

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Anton Tamminen

Anton Tamminen Posted 11 years ago

Sure, I am happy to tell...stuff.


My opponents were pretty nervous before the tournament started, because they have heard I have been training much. My first opponent was anti-spin dude. Whahhah. He was easy. Backspin serve, and it comes back=topspin. Great smash to deep into his backhand side, and point. That worked 5 or 6 times in every set ^^. When he served, well, they haved like no-spin. Yes he was that stupid he had anti on both sides  So it was easy beasy.


Ok,second opponent. I heard he was very good defender, so all I had to say was: Topspin,topspin,topspin, dropshot ;D. That clarifies enough.


Ok, third opponent, in semi-finals. Aggressive attacker, rubbers were Xiom Vega Pro´s.  I chopped a lot and later, when time was right, BOOM! Smash and point ^^.

Ziga Kranjec

Ziga Kranjec Posted 11 years ago

hey Anton how did you switch between defense and attack in your third match, that's how I want to play, but have trouble going from defense to offense, any tips for me?

great to hear about your results, good luck. 

Anton Tamminen

Anton Tamminen Posted 11 years ago

Watch the lesson "Forehand Topspin against backspin". 

How do I get my opponent play backspin? Simple. Play short.



Ziga Kranjec

Ziga Kranjec Posted 11 years ago

No, I meant if the opponent attacks and you chop back, how do you (after a few chops) attack back. I'm a defensive player, I like chop on backhand, but topspin on forehand and have trouble going from being defensive to attacking. Anyone?


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