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loee k

loee k Asked 8 years ago


Coach I am good attacker. I lost my nationals semi.  First 3 games I won very easy.  I did good attack and against attack. At that time no single ball miss and I won easy but 4,5,6,7 game I lost it.  I did miss attack.  I service and take attacking ball but when I hit then I miss it. I always play first 3 games very good and won and last 4 games lost. What's error in my game?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Loee,

Something is changing in those last few games.  It isn't your ability because you know that you can play those strokes and win those points.  So it is a psychological issue.  Think about the feelings you have in the first 3 games compared to the last 4 games.

When you start to feel nervous or doubt your ability, stop, take a deep breath and then focus on just the next point.  This is not an easy thing but if you work on it you will get better at handling these situations.

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loee k

loee k Posted 8 years ago

Thanks coach I vll must try and i vll tell u. 


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