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Harishvar Akaash

Harishvar Akaash Asked 6 years ago

Hello sir,

Thank you so much for replying very soon sir but i wanted to ask another doubt that when I am playing TT my opponent serves the ghost serve.The ball comes from his court then to my court and GOES BACK to his court. Due to this I am not able to receive the serve.The ball stays very close to the net of my side and goes back to my opponents court.  Really i was very surprised to see that serve.  So i wanted to ask that is this kind of serve allowed in table tennis and also if i try to receive it by taking my racket too close to the net the abdomen part of my body touches the table and the table moves slightly which is a foul.  So to receive that serve can i go to the side of the table and hit the ball?  is it allowed for a player to go to the side of the table to receive or return the ball?  And also after i go to the side, i smash the ball so the ghost serve of my opponent goes useless. And also while smashing by staying at the side of the table,my body while smashing slightly moves out of the net and i seem to cross the net line and enter my opponents court, so is that allowed according to ITTF rules?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Harishvar,

You are allowed to move around to the side of the table when you are returning.

You are also allowed to cross the line of the net as long as you don't touch the net.

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