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Simon Lewis

Simon Lewis Asked 10 years ago

Hi Alois,
The main problem I am having at the moment is the recovery after the shot. I dont know if Table Tennis is similar to other racket sports in terms of a ready position after every shot, but that is what I am struggling with at the moment. In Tennis, you play your shot, and look to get back to the middle of the court so you can cover the whole court for the return. Is this the same in TT? After I have played a shot, I seem to spend my time admiring it, instead of getting back to a set position to assess the return.
Once I have played a shot, what should my next move be? I'm sure a lot of it depends on the stroke. For this example, lets say I have played an expansive shot, where I have been forced to move considerably from my original starting position, what should I look to do having played the shot? What position should I look to get into?

Thanks in advance :)

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Simon,

You should aim to get back to a fairly neutral position but it is difficult to have enough time to get back to a fully neutral position.

The best idea is to follow the ball through the rally.  This will mean that you may not get back to the ready position but you will be in a good position for the next ball.

Another important factor is that when you hit the ball you need to be in a stable position.  If you are still moving it will take longer to get to a stopped position and then be able to move to the next ball. So there should be movement, stop, hit the ball and then movement to the next ball.

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