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Musaab Musaab

Musaab Musaab Asked 4 years ago

dear coach,

I only started two years ago at the age of 30, I used to be a good no spin garage ping pong player before that though. I'm constantly progressing, coach moved me to train with best players in the club who are between 1000-1600 points in the french system, Marcus Freitas is probably around 3400 points. Im only 600/700 now. In my club I either win or loose 11/9 or 11/8 in the last set against players between 1000-1200 . I win all players less than that and I lose against anyone above that level. The season just started and I had high hopes of winning a good amount of points. First team match I had to play 600,600 and 1100. I lost all matchs and I couldn't play 50% of what I can do. It is not because of the tournament atmosphere because I played a lot and sometimes I was on fire in tournaments and I only lose to pips players. I'm so frustrated right now because I feel like I failed my self and whoever had hope in me despite I work really hard in training. There is this factor which I don't know what it is and I can't control it but it affects my play greatly. My question is how to deal with that ?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 years ago

Hi Musaab,

Don't get too concerned about individual results or days.  It is important to think of your progress as a long term thing.  If you feel you are progressing over a year then you are doing well.  We often get caught up in the little peaks and troughs of our progress.

Keep training hard and the improvement will come.

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