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Zohair Irani

Zohair Irani Asked 5 years ago

Assume that the opponent uses the same hand as me and I try to hit the ball with a topspin stroke/loop, it always lands across the table to the opponent's forehand to which he can loop back with a stronger strike. No matter how I try to angle the racquet, the ball always seems to cross the table from right side (my side) to the left side of the table (from my view).

How do you loop the ball to the opponent's backhand, which would be harder for the opponent to counter unless he is really good with a backhand topspin which is tougher than the forehand loop? 

For example, the ball is arriving at my side in the right, I want to loop the ball such that it lands on the opponent's backhand...What changes do we have to incorporate to my stroke in order to change the trajectory of the ball to make it go right instead of left?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Zohair,

To play the ball down the line you can do two things.  One is to hit the ball a little later in its flight.  The other thing that you have been trying is to turn your wrist back.  To turn the wrist back you need to first relax the wrist.

In training what you should do is try to hit the ball off the right hand side of the table.  This will start to get you to explore the boundaries of what your wrist can do.  Relaxation of the wrist is the key here.

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