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viki sharma

viki sharma Asked 9 years ago

Hello Pingskills,

If the ball is in the backhand corner, what should be your position to play the forehand topspin in order to land the ball into your opponent's backhand side? I would expect that you need to turn around a lot to create the correct forehand topspin angle. But this makes it very difficult to recover if your opponent returns it. Also, if an attacking stroke as such is required, should you prefer the fade sidespin forehand topspin stroke (perhaps requiring lesser twisting and turning) ? 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

HI Viki,

You don't need to turn too much for the pivot forehand from the backhand side.  You can move sideways with your feet and then use your waist to turn and get yourself into the correct position. This allows you to get back for the next ball a bit more easily than if you turn your feet too much.

You should aim to get into a good enough position to make a straight topspin and then you can use the fade or hook topspin if you think that will be useful. 

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