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Edwin Gosens

Edwin Gosens Asked 9 years ago

hi coach,

I have trouble by looping long serves. sometimes I loop it over the end of the table and sometimes into the net. I think its because I dont really know how much spin is in the serve and its hard to ajust the angle of my bat because they have a lot of variations in their amount of spin.

Hope you can help me


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Edwin,

You are right it is difficult to make this stroke consistently.  The first thing though is understanding the type of spin on the serve.  Take a look at our lessons on Receiving Secrets to gain an understanding of spin.

Then make a fast and fine brushing on the ball to get the ball going in the direction that you want it to and not where the spin is wanting to take it.  You will need to make slight variations in the stroke depending on the type and amount of spin but the finer and faster you can contact it the less you will need to allow for their spin.

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