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Shripathi ramakrishnan

Shripathi ramakrishnan Asked 10 years ago

hi alois and jeff,

As you mentioned in your video about this question, "make the shot a good one or they can place it to your forehand". i play backhand and forehand equally but then use bh to spin the ball up more and use fh to finish a point so its pretty much natural for me pivot fast to finsh a point with my forehand .

But my pivot has a sort of blind spot: the extreme backhand corner be it long or just half long and i havent hit a good shot from here. This is a major set back of my 3rd ball too.  Is it just a matter of improving my backhand topspin or do you recommend i play fh from here? In either case pls tell what i should do to improve a bh shot and fh shot too from this area.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Shripathi,

The best thing is to get your training partner to hit a lot of returns to that spot that you have identified.  I would practice with both the backhand and forehand from that area.  You need to feel comfortable to decide which shot to play off each ball.

Think about your movement to this ball.  If you are playing with your backhand, move your right leg across to line up with the ball.  If you are playing with the forehand, then think about moving very wide to make good position to hit the ball.

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