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aman singh

aman singh Asked 11 years ago

i think that my footwork is not good. Can you tell me something to make my footwork good???????

when do some serves with a lot of spin it pains in my wrist can u tell me what to do to increase the flexibility of my wrist.

i wanna ask a one more que. that what is better to after a spin topspin and can you upload some videos of u-14 cadet's matches because i want to see the competition on international level.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Aman,

Unfortunately, the simple answer is lots of footwork training.  You need to do a lot of different types of footwoek drills.  Get a copy of our Training Secrets Revealed DVD.   This will show you a lot of routines that you can practice.  Also have a look at our lesson on Footwork Basics.  This will show you the correct movements that you need.

A combination of these things will get your footwork a lot better.

If your wrist is hurting during your serving, you may need to get it checked.  The other thig you can try is to relax your wrist a little more.  The tension in your wrist will stop it moving in its natural motion.

If I can get hold of some Under 14 matches I will let you know how to view them.

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