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haram elahi

haram elahi Asked 9 years ago

Hello my name is haram. i am a table tennis player and i have a nice balance on my game. I use dunlop venom spin and tell me how i can i improve my game.  And tell me how can i judge that what is the weakness of other player when i am playing a tournament.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Haram,

I think one of the main things to focus on is your technique to start with.  If you can develop your strokes then you will have a good base to work with.

Take a look through our lessons on the Strokes & Technique page.  If you can work your way through these then you will be on the right path.

To find the weaknesses of other players there is a list of things that you can work through.  Take a look at the PingSkills Vault.  This gives you an outline of things to look for.

At a tournament if you know the player you are going to play you should try to watch them as much as possible and see what other opponents are doing to win points against them.

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