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Last updated 7 months ago

afshin veysizadeh

afshin veysizadeh Asked 7 months ago

How do you play with Feint player?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 months ago

Hi Afshin,

The Feint rubber is a long pimple rubber.

It will reverse the type of spin that you put on the ball.  If you hit to it with backspin it will come back to you with topspin and vice versa.

For our Premium members we have a tutorial on Playing Against Long Pimples that goes through and shows you some ideas to play against this type of rubber.


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D K Posted 7 months ago

+ Feints are usually chopping type,thus they have lower passive reversal and mostly are better to hit with compared to blocking type longpips (with matching thickness),such as various Neubauer's or Spinlord's longpips

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