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D K Asked 6 months ago

Greetings PingSkills Team,

I would like to ask,what is the correct technique for the full height toss without breaking the rules?

As my current training hall has over two floors high ceiling, I am attempting to learn really HIGH toss serve.  However, the vertical, spinless toss from opened palm can reach only about two metres from the table level.
My full toss has over eight meters by guess, but when I do it from opened palm, the ball rolls over my palm, thus my toss contains a heavy amount of spin, corrupting the direction of the toss. To prevent it, I must throw the ball from closed hand, which is equally high, spinless, vertical, but I break the rule because I do not have opened palm.

How exactly it is done to reach the height He Zhi Wen or Stepan Shaposhnikov reach,without breaking the rules?


PS: the toss is a great way to practise the muscles of the free arm :) ouch :D

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 months ago

Hi Dan,

I use my legs a bit as well to get the ball higher.  There will always be a small amount of spin on the ball because it is really difficult to throw it up without any rotation at all.

If you watch Samsonov as well you will notice the use of his legs for the throw.

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D K Posted 6 months ago

I will take a closer look at his serving.
He has an advantage though,he is much taller and has much longer hands :D

Anyway,how can I find out whether the spin level caused by throw is acceptable?
It also disrupts my aiming.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 6 months ago

If the ball is curving one the way up and down it may get called, otherwise it will usually be OK.  Try to video it from side on and see if there is any curve on the flight.


D K Posted 6 months ago

There is a curve in a forward/backward direction.
Meaning,if I throw from the end of middleline,ball usually falls on the middle of my half of table,or about equal distance backward from the table.
I do not need a video for it,I only "freeze" after actually throwing,and then I watch where the ball actually falls down.
In my case,it falls about 60-100cm to my left or right (presumed pendulum serve stance at the BH corner).
Rarely,it dips on my head.

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