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European or Chinese rubber for training

Table Tennis Equipment

Last updated 1 week ago

Bryan Lee

Bryan Lee Asked 2 weeks ago

Hey Pingskills

I've been playing table tennis for almost a year now. I have been using Yasaka Rising Dragon on my forehand and I have noticed that my forehand technique isn't improving much. I miss easy shots and most shots go into the net or over the table. I've watched your videos and you say to stick with your current bat for a good year. Does Chinese rubber need a completely different technique that European? I've been doing my forehand according to your videos. I've watched players like Timo Boll play and he has a very compact stroke (he uses tenergy) but watching Chinese players I notice their strokes are very full and use their whole arm. 

So, should I switch to european or Japanese rubbers for training and use Chinese rubbers later?

thank you very much for your time and dedication

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 week ago

Hi Bryan,

There is no need to change the rubber.  The same technique will work for both Chinese and European rubbers.  Just make sure the rubbers still have grip on them.

Keep focusing on technique... 

Thoughts on this question

Damon S

Damon S Posted 1 week ago

As a developing player and equipment junkie, myself, I have to agree that Alois and Jeff's repeated advice that equipment doesn't matter that much (as long as you have grip) is absolutely correct. Throwing Tenergy on your paddle isn't going to magically make all your balls go in, it's really all about technique. And to Alois's point, Vladamir Samsonov uses a tacky forehand, but plays European style, and my own coach is Chinese and plays in that Chinese style, but uses Tenergy on both sides.

That being said, if you just don't like the rubber, then I think it's worth changing. But don't change thinking it will fix things. Only change if you want a different feel for the ball.


Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb from PingSkills Posted 1 week ago

Well said Damon.

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