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Erfan Zaghiyan

Erfan Zaghiyan Asked 2 months ago

in rally of pro players when one of them go back and throw long ball why other  player (like ma long and many other pro player) smash this ball??,why they don't drop shot  this ball??                                                                                            

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 months ago

Hi Erfan,

This is a questions I get asked a lot.  It does look like if they played the ball slowly then it would be difficult for the other player to move in and get it.

In reality if they played the ball slowly the other player would have a lot of time to come in and play a strong shot.  In most cases they would give up the advantage in the rally.

If they can play a very effective Drop Shot then it can sometimes work but with the speed that the ball is coming in the drop shot is difficult to execute.  Take a look at the tutorial on the Drop Shot off a Lob for some ideas on how to execute it.


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Jean Balthazar

Jean Balthazar Posted 1 month ago

Hi there. I would also mention that when a drop shot becomes a good option, i.e. when the lob ball lands closer to the net, then it also becomes much easier to hit a winning smash with a big angle that will get the defender to run into the side fences. So in the end it is often less risky to try a winning smash then a drop shot, which is always a difficult shot to control. It is so cool to do though, when it works!

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