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Gio Valmonte

Gio Valmonte Asked 9 years ago

What is the best footwork.. in doubles match? sideways or moving back ? what is the best? because when moving sideways it is mostly what I watch they use a sideways but when backways we can bump on each other.. so i'm very confuse.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Gio,

You can try both.  They can both work well depending on what you like.  Ideally you want to try and circle around each other so both players have a good position at the table when it is their turn to play a shot.

It also depends on where the ball is.  If you have been moved out wide then it is easier to keep moving sideways to get out of the way.  Each match you would need to use both at different times.

If there is a left and a right hander then always use the sideways movement to get out of the way.  With 2 right handers you can use either.  If you use sideways, the player on one side will be usually only playing backhands.  This might suit your combination if one player has a stronger backhand.

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