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somshekar somshekar

somshekar somshekar Asked 9 years ago

hi,alois,i dont feel comfortable with the style i saw in pingskills i cant serve spin serves properly i lost my state ranking match and i am unhappy what is the solution.

I have experienced defeat many times because of topspin smash that is my main weakness i lose confidence how do i defend

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Someshekar,

I think the solution is perseverance.  Every player feels like this at some stage of their playing, usually after a loss.

You need to keep focusing on your technique and training.  As discouraged as you feel right now, it can all turn around quickly with a good win the next time you play.

If you feel like your topspin isn't working well then that is what you need to focus on with your training over the next month.  Watch the video lessons again and see if you can get the start and finish positions right.  This is the most critical thing.  Then start to play the strokes faster and work on maintaining the technique.

Like so many things the answer is more focus and training on the problem.

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