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Frendy Halim

Frendy Halim Asked 7 years ago

Hi Pingsklls, i've just search about loop in this forum and it seems there're many type of loop just like the basic loop, bird loop, loop kill, etc
just for sure, how to do all of them ? and what's the different between topspin ?
i know you said that loop is to put a lot of spin rather than speed and it seems like topspin off backspin stroke right ?
i've just try it and it make the ball go out, so what's the start - finiish position of this stroke to make a lot of spin and not go out
for the bird loop, i know how to do it, thats to use the other hand to raise up so it looks like a bird wings
for the loop kill, what type of loop it is ? i never heard and never see it
so, please tell me how to do all of loop stroke (if there're any type of loop again, please let me know :D)
anyway, the PingSkills Touch video, i see that when you do a topspin stroke in rally and at the last, it seems like you turned away your body (i also see you do this when you versus the italy)
this is it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nvvQhPrxd0 at 1:12 minute

please for the answer :D thank you ^^

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Frendy,

As we have talked about in other forums, the topspin and loop are just extensions of the same thing.  All of the different types of loops you mention are also just variations.  Some have more spin and some have more speed.

This comes down to the angle of your swing and the type of contact you make on the ball.  The more horizontal the swing the faster the ball will go.  The finer the contact the more spin you will generate.

Don't get too caught up with names that have been put on all these strokes.  It is more about learning how to make the small adjustments for each type of ball and for each shot you want to make.

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Frendy Halim

Frendy Halim Posted 7 years ago

I've tried to do the loop with the finer contact and the ball go out from the table (what i do is like topspin off backspin stroke) so, can you tell me how to do the loop with the finer contact and it can land low on the table because i just try to topspin a long ball that are low and it'is hard to topspin so i think to loop it and also, what stroke you're doing in that video ? Please for the answer :D thank you

Ajoy Kumar

Ajoy Kumar Posted 7 years ago

I have seen the following definitions in other sources:

Top spin is the general term, loop is a special case of topspin.

The name "loop" indicates the ball travels in a high arc that is shaped like a loop - I think this was more likely in the age of 38 mm ball.  This is high spin, low speed.  It is called a slow loop if the ball forward speed is very low (but spin may be fast) 

Loop kill, loop drive and fast loop all mean loops with relatively faster forward speed.

Now that you know what these mean your strokes are going to get better right?  just kidding!

Frendy Halim

Frendy Halim Posted 7 years ago

What you mean about just kidding ? Anyway, how to make that look low on the table rather than out (what i do is just like topspin off backspin stroke) can you tell me all of the loop from the slowest to the fastest and how to do it ?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 7 years ago

Frendy you are getting too involved with names of strokes.  Focus more on doing the strokes well first, then you can name them whatever you want.  They are all just topspin strokes at various speeds and spin.

Frendy Halim

Frendy Halim Posted 7 years ago

Um, okay... Then, what you're doing in the video that i said ? Because it looks different...

sam sam

sam sam Posted 6 months ago

watching a video of professional players is very effective for your place. For loop this video changed my vision: 





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