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Dew Dew

Dew Dew Asked 10 years ago

Hi Alois,

Please give answer.  What is difference between No.1-5 with No.6-20 such as michael maze I saw michael maze topspin to ma long and ma long top spin but both top spin to topspin He is professional player. Why ma long is the best I want to know difference.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Dew,

Sometimes it is not the technical abilities but the mental strength that makes the difference.

I think in a lot of cases the top Chinese players are technically better because they have done more hours of training.  It doesn't take much of a difference but it is the ability to get one more ball on at a critical time.

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Ji-Soo Woo

Ji-Soo Woo Posted 10 years ago

It's an interesting question.  There's such a fine line between making a shot and missing it, so many factors outside one's control such as tips and lets, and games only to 11 points, that you'd expect more upsets.  And, unlike tennis, where the top players seem to breeze through lower ranked opponents, a lot of times there are close matches between top players and more middle-tier players...lots of 11-9 sets etc...  and yet the top players (especially the top chinese players!) seem to win a very high percentage of the time.  Just shows what a mental sport this is. 

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