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Izzy H

Izzy H Asked 7 years ago

Hi, I'm a girl who plays table tennis and I play in the boys competition so most of the time I'm playing against boys. But when I play tournaments I get to play against girls. I really notice a difference between the playing of boys and girls: boys are more spin players and most of the time their arm and their footwork is faster. So when I play against girls I get the problem that they just smash the ball without, or with less, effect.
And also when we're pushing the ball and I open it with the goal to attack the next ball they immediately attack at my opening..

I think I'm quite a good player and most of the times when I play tournaments I win those matches, it's just that I recognize differences and I notice how I'm going to change my playing too. I'm just starting to only push the ball and sometimes a spin but it just feels like I'm playing 'lazier'.

Can you please learn me how to serve or return serves or some other tactics so I'd be able to play my own game?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Izzy,

If you are a junior you are very perceptive.  It is great that you have noticed the differences in the game.

I think if you are looking to progress further in the game you can take one of two options.  You can continue to play more of the aggressive game or you can play a little more of the women's game.

I think a good way to go is to think about finding a god role model in the women's game that you enjoy watching and then model your game on them.  You will see that there are very good players that play with both styles.  As a junior playing a more topspin game it can be frustrating because the other girls don't have to do much to beat you because your physical strength hasn't developed as yet.

You can think about waiting for the right ball to make an attacking stroke.  If your opponent is going to push a lot of balls, then wait for the right ball to make a stronger attack.  It doesn't always have to be faster, but it needs to be to a good position or have a lot of spin or variations that are going to make it more difficult for the counter attacker.

You may also be able to serve a few balls longer if they are not going to attack your serves.  By serving longer with more spin they will give you a ball that you can attack.  IThey will also not be able to keep the ball short to keep you away from the attack.

Then main thing is to think long term.  Focus on the type of player that you want to become as a fully developed player not just a good junior player.


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Izzy H

Izzy H Posted 7 years ago

First of all thanks for the quick answer! 

And I think you're right, I need to focus on my own style of playing and how to achieve this in a game with different opponents. 
I think I need to wait for the right ball to attack and stay concentrated so I'll be able to place it exactly where I, and my opponent doesn't, want it. And after that I just need to focus on my block when my opponent is attacking and I might get a chance to take over the attacking.
I just need to observe my opponents and find the right way to get them out of their own game and into my game I guess. I still have 4 months to go till the Dutch Championships so I'll start practicing these things!

Thank you!

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 7 years ago

Great.  Let me know how you progress.  Keep training hard.

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