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D K Asked 3 months ago

Greetings Team,

yesterday I sparred with a younger boy who is a beginner single-wing defender,meaning he uses Gionis-like pattern,or rather a Filus-ten-years-ago pattern,meaning he often steps around to use his longpips backhand at the forehand side.
I was able to play consistently against him except the longpips-to-longpips clashes,however, when I forced him to play a higher ball or pushed him far into angle enough,I was not able to speed up the game.
Since I know that my gentle loop against chop's powersource is the weight of my bat and arm and that I lack power due to being too close to the table,I would like to ask,what strategy can I use to win against defenders in general given that I have a lot of consistency with my forehand,I do not have the correct swing technique to loop powerfully in a XuXin-like manner (he loops powerfully against a heavy chop,but he does not look like trying too much,compared to even Ma Long,who looks much more like trying in the same situation)

I tend to inspire by Oh Sang Eun,who could not use his waist and hips properly due to problems with his back,yet he was able to beat choppers easily.
Do you think there is something important I should take?

Also regarding the antidefense game,are you planning to do a video how to do a dropshot off a dead ball,dead chop?
I have encountered several situations where I knew the incoming ball is a nospin chop,but when I tried to dropshot like against lob,it went down,when I tried to act like against a chop,it went out,when I tried to use vertical bat,the ball did not bounce off it...



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 months ago

Hi Dan,

To generate more power you can do a few things.  The main thing though is to get your bat moving faster on impact with the ball.  Xu Xin does this with a relaxed swing so that his arm moves freely. Ma Long uses more body and arm on the forehand.  You need to experiment with a combination of these things to generate more speed with the bat.  Also try not to be afraid of missing in training especially so that it allows more freedom of your swing.

For a drop shot off a dead ball you need to get the angle of the bat right.  The principles are the same as a drop shot off chop but you need to close the bat more to make it vertical.  If the ball doesn't reach the net then push forward slightly with your bat on contact.  It is a matter of touch and getting the feel of the stroke.  You need to utilise it more and practise it more to get the feel right in a match.

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D K Posted 3 months ago

Thank you for guide,however,I was not asking about speeding up the bat now.
Yes,slow swings are my big problem,I seem to be unable to produce any fast swing.
However,I was rather asking about the strategy I should use,until I find my way to empower my swings.
After all,I am a defender and I use defensive setup. The power of my loop with my setup and with offensive setup is different by almost 75%.
My loops will probably never match natural attackers.

I do not tend to miss such balls,as I like lifting chops,I rather hate floating chops since they have no energy I could counter.
I rather hit bat edges :D

Then it is probably good that now,as a member of new club,I have access to some defenders of many levels.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 3 months ago

You can vary spin and speed of your topspin as well as placement.  I still think you can increase three power of your stroke as well.


D K Posted 3 months ago

Maybe the power is also psychological thing.
I notice that I dare to perform much bigger and thus much more powerful looping action against a heavy low chop than against high chop or low lightspin chop


D K Posted 3 months ago

In fact,if playing chopper,I usually try to force them to keep the backspin heavy but constant

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