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Andrew Pape

Andrew Pape Asked 8 years ago

Hi Alois,

I've been inspired my Miao's as we're both using pimples. I thought she'd have the fastest pimples available, but I was surprised to find she uses medium pimples on her backhand. I tried the same rubber a year ago,  also on my backhand. After a month, I decided that these pimples were too hard to control, and were having an unsettling effect on me rather than my opponent. With the 2mm sponge, the medium pimples could play fast balls, but they were only fast when the ball sunk into the pimples and was flung out with a catapult effect. But when the pimples didn't bend, my shot would be slow. I have no idea when the pimples would bend and when not, and I lost confidence in my shots. I found that I had to alter the bat's swing, following through more forward, in front of my body, rather than playing a typical topspin. Other than that, I had no no clue how to use the rubber.

I've bought a copy of the TSP blade that Miao uses, and also her TSP "spinpips". The sponge is nice and soft, as well as being reasonably fast. It has large pimples that are close together, so it's easier to get more friction and thus more topspin from them. I have no trouble with controlling this rubber. I read on the net that the spinpips have a deceptive long-pimple effect on the receiver. So it seems that Miao isn't just an all-out aggressive player, but that she gets deception too.

I am also surprised her blade isn't particularly fast. it seems that she isn't relying on a fast blade, but still gets enough  power. My faster bat has tensor pimples, which are much faster than the spinpips My practice partner can't keep the ball in play when I hit with the tensor pimples, with each second or third ball dying on his bat. So it seems  the tensor pimples, like spinpips, also has a deceptive effect.

Can you explain why Miao uses medium pips, and comment on how much deception she gets. I see her quick-hitting but don't notice any deception. With Jian Fang Lay, it's obvious that she's deceiving her opponents with the long pips.



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Andrew,

Miao uses medium pimples to get the difference of effect between her forehand and backhand. It gives her opponent different balls to deal with and adjust to.

This is really difficult to do as an opponent but it is also difficult to play with.

The deception is subtle. 

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