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Hugo Ekeroth

Hugo Ekeroth Asked 3 years ago

How to serve half long?

How to loop a spinny loop with two bounces on the table?

How to loop low and spinny against backspin?

How to counter loop a low spinny loop in the backhand?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 years ago

Hi Hugo,

Good to hear a few questions from you.

Serving half long means that the second bounce on your opponent's side bounces just off the end of the table.  To do that, in general, you need to get the ball to bounce about half way along their side.  This can be an effective serve because it is difficult for them to attack but also difficult for them to keep the ball short back onto you side of the table.

To loop a skinny loop that bounces twice on the table you need to keep the bal very low over the net and also get it to bounce quite close to the net on your opponent's side.  This is a difficult task to get the ball to dip quickly enough after it crosses the net.  Again, this is an effective stroke if you can mange it.

The same applies if you are playing the loop against a backspin ball.  I find it a little easier as the ball is travelling a bit slower.

To counter loop a slow spinny loop you need to make sure that you stay low so that you are below the contact point that you need.  Then get your stroke to move almost totally forward while brushing over the top of the ball.

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