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Last updated 6 years ago

Andre Panesa

Andre Panesa Asked 6 years ago

(This is a question regarding the same match from my last question) Hi again. In that match, I remember thaf he could flick anything I threw at him, since the rubber he uses isn't really grippy, and almost all his shots are flat, and I wasn't sure what to do. He was also able to take the momentum early in the game, and it snowballed, so how do I counter his style and take the momentum?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Andre,

Because he's flicking at you with a flat rubber, it will almost feel like backspin when it hits your bat.  Therefore you need to have a more vertical stroke to lift the ball over the net.

Don't try to play too fast against him, the slower spin balls are going to get him to make more errors.

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Oscar Moe Myint

Oscar Moe Myint Posted 6 years ago

Good answer!

Andre Panesa

Andre Panesa Posted 6 years ago

Thanks. I think chopping could work. I'll give it a try :D

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