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Luigi Alcantara

Luigi Alcantara Asked 9 years ago

Hi guys,

I just wanted to show what Michael Maze and Ma long were doing wrong, or was it just the umpire?

In 0:34 it shows that ma long, tosses the ball high and hits the nose. So maze gets the point right? Why does the umpire not believe maze at first?... good thing that ma long had good sportmanship

Next, 1:14 Ma long tossed the ball just as high as the previous serve (before the point) just like in 1:08. Why is it a fault?

Next, Which made me hate THE umpire 2:48, He (Maze) was explaining that ma long was not ready so the umpire gave him a yellow card probably for a foul?  

What happens when u take too long in serving?

Who is wrong? The 2 players or the Umpire..?

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 9 years ago

Hi Luigi,

At 0:34 the umpire did not see the fact that it hit his nose and the players had to explain it to the umpire. This might not have been easy to see from the Umpires chair.

At 1:14 I have no idea why the fault was called.

At 2:48 the umpire thought Maze was taking too long. The rules state that play shall be continuous throughout an individual match. This is a bit subjective but the Umpire deemed that play was not continuous.

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