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Taras Gul

Taras Gul Asked 5 years ago

Hi coach,

My brother and I (both in our early teens) are looking to improve our game enough to compete in local tournaments. We both have pretty consistent forehand and backhand topspin strokes. However, we feel lacking in our footwork, serves, stance and so on. We are confused as to how to go about improving each aspect. For example, should footwork be our priority, and one that is sorted out, should we look for other things? Or would you suggest a different order for learning?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Taras,

I think the best idea is to start to do some regular drills in your training.  These drills can involve footwork where you need to be in a regular patter to the ball. 

Take a look at our Free Downloads section.  IN there you will find the Training Drills download.  Utilise some of these drills and practice your footwork movements.

Initially look at the tutorials on:

Basic Stance
Leg Position
Footwork Basics

for some help on the movements and position involved.

As you said, getting the footwork and balance right to start with is a good next step for you to start to link the strokes you have already developed.

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